The earth oven was one of the first building projects we had in Azula. It was fun, relatively easy and very social. We had the help of friends, neighbours and children. It doesn’t cease to bring people together for delicious meals, turning every little event into a party when being used....

6 Februar 2018

The Clay Oven

Time to get dirty!

There is something really humbling and energizing to see all this tiny, inert hard pebbles burst into beautiful green beings that have this will to live and grow. Soon the greenhouse will be pumping with life that will be the fuel to our own life and the particles in our bodies. It is in concept so simple....

25 January 2019




Many friends that come visiting the farm asks us how come the soil in our gardens looks so dark and full of life after being on the land for such short time. Well, the answer is that we’re quite diligent at making our own compost....

19 Jan 2018

As the rain falls and the water runs down the hills erosion takes place, nutrients are washed away and ultimately you can end up with bare soil that gets cooked during the hot summer months, killing microorganisms and plants, decreasing the absorption capacity of the soil...

7 Jan 2017

The Magic of Swales

Making Comost = Creating Fertile Soil