Zosia Nowak

Will Brown

Great people doing great things. A fantastic place with an abundance of knowledge openly shared and skillfully taught.

I’ve been following 3 courses in Azula. PDC, natural building and gardening, a full month of knowledge, experiences, nature, fun and all of that with beautiful people coming from all around the world, in a place where they will make you feel at home.

I’ll never forget the wonderful experience I had there and I will recommended to anyone who are looking for an intense nature and human project!

Camille De Spiegelaere

Emilia Grière

O paraíso mais lindo de Portugal, com pessoas lindas por dentro e por fora <3

Agradeço por terem escolhido Portugal para experimentarem e divulgarem o quanto a natureza é importante nesta sociedade. O desperto e abertura de espirito continua


Aurelia Most

Azula is a family owned project. The owners are very nice and very professionnal. We were a group of 14 people coming from differents countries over the world for the first PDC course. I went to Azula to learn about sustainable living places, permaculture techniques. I have learned much more than I expected, and this course for me was very inspiring. I want to believe that an other world is possible and I want to change my life style, we just have to simplify our life, we don't need that much to be happy. Above all what I found in azula is a sense of community and I think this is what I have always been looking for in all the countries where I lived. In my home country it's difficult to find this sense of community as everybody is so busy in their rat race life and I decided i wanted to live in a eco community , an eco village. Thanks to Azula team to inspire me and I think this is what they have in mind, to spread the word and help people to reconnect with nature.

I don’t know how to put it into words how amazing this place is! Wonderful people have created Azula as a place of magic, connection, and life. I did the 3-in-1 permaculture design/natural building/organic gardening back in May and it was life changing, I think about what I learnt there every single day since.

Incredible teachers in Kyle and Lola who are so open and amazing, the content of the courses were taught so well, they get everyone involved are so patient and extremely talented to cover so much content in such detail, and are so open to sharing their knowledge and resources. A special thanks to Pauly and Yuly sharing their amazing passion and knowledge! Inspiring vision of what life can be from Anna, Chris, Alon, and Pnina. They all make things happen with hard work and knowledge and empowered us all with this same feeling. I had so much fun and felt so well taken care of. The (extremely rare) personal bad day was met with solutions and hugs. Swimming in the lake hearing the ambient sounds of frogs and crickets, sitting under a cork tree and watching the sun set over the mountains before seeing the moon rise from the other side. Mind blowing delicious food (Thank you Shlomi!) fresh from the garden. Adorable and beautiful mud houses that are nice and cool in the day but store the heat for cosy nights. Incredible, funny, lovely, intelligent children laughing and playing. Precious Shanti dog. The environment inspires connection and the parties are amazing, though there are plenty of beautiful places to sit and relax if you need a moment to yourself. Star gazing nights, pizza parties, film nights with popcorn, lessons taught in the sunshine, afternoon snoozes after lunch in the hammocks, beautiful wildflowers, days out together to the beach. Perfect facilities like the compost toilets which make you question how you will ever use a water toilet again! Thanks to their hard work and earth loving hands the people of Azula are living the best kind of beautiful revolution and have created a paradise that erupts with life! I feel so grateful to have visited!!

Alessandro Vasta

I have done my Permaculture Design Course at AZULA, and I couldn't have landed in a better and more inspiring place! The plot of land is a nice mixture of rolling hills, a beautiful pond and natural buildings (yoga deck, mud houses, outdoor kitchen). and is bustling with life, with many projects evolving. The people in Azula are top notch. Friendly, very knowledgeable and careful about the environment and trying to leave a better earth for their children. During my time there I was able not only to learn during the course, but to meet very interesting people, make lasting friendships and further be inspired to "be the change you want to see in the world": Thanks AZULA!

Alexis Agent

I completed the 3 in 1 Permaculture course in May 2018 which involved me spending close to 5 weeks at Azula. It was an awesome experience that involved me learning a huge amount about permaculture, natural building, organic food gardening, and community/sustainable living. The co owners, teachers, participants, volunteers, land, local surroundings/nature and people all blended together to form an amazing experience that I will never forget. Quite simply if you are looking at obtaining your permaculture design course or want to learn more about sustainable living or perhaps want to volunteer in a warm, friendly and beautiful environment then look no further than Azula. Wishing Azula the best of luck in the future and I hope to see you guys soon.

I came to Azula not really knowing what to expect as I was not very familiar with permaculture at all. Little did I know that my mind would be blown in so many different ways and that I would end up having a truly life-changing experience during my three week extended PDC course. Besides learning more valuable information in those three weeks than in all four years of high school, I was surrounded by beautiful people who had all dedicated their lives to growing a revolution and by doing so saving the world. Not only that, but the food was spectacular! Nothing beats the three, fresh, delicious, home cooked meals we ate each day that made my mind, body, and my belly very happy. It would also be unfair not to mention the hard work and amazing community dynamic that goes into making Azula the little paradise that it is. I could not have asked for cooler or wiser teachers or better housing arrangements. In fact, everything was so great that I ended up staying for an extra two weeks as a volunteer and look forward to coming back in the future!

Sophie Gräsflack

Nerida Lindsay

Amazing place, amazing people! The permaculture course exceeded my expectations by far..so much knowledge to be shared. Can't wait to go back to Azula again sometime soon.