We are very grateful for all the help we’ve got from friends and visitors we’ve had so far. Last season we hosted many people and we’ve acquired a good feeling on how we’d like our volunteering program to work. It is very important for us to have a balance between production, good health and fun. In the end we’d like to make the most of the experience for both residents and volunteers.

By volunteering at Azula you will most likely enrol in one of the many projects going on at the farm such as gardening, building, designing, cooking, etc. and learn/develop a useful skill that will serve you later on. You will also eat healthy, organic food and share experiences with people from many walks of life and be part of the many activities that we organise weekly. We would like you to enjoy your time here as much as you can and leave this place inspired and energized to bring about a positive change to the place you go.

We won’t lie though - we work a lot! We are young and enthusiastic and we are fully focused on the things we do. If you don’t feel interest and/or a certain passion for the tasks you will do, then this might not be the place for you.

Please confirm with us before coming, we have limited capacity for the people we can host and we would like to prepare ourselves and a place for you before your arrival. In general we prefer if volunteers could stay at least one week.

We ask for a €20 weekly cooperation that will cover some of the expenses that involves housing and meals. Three main meals are served plus a couple of snacks during the day. Weekends are off, but of course there will still be food available.

We look forward to meeting you!