Aaaand the time to start putting things in the ground has arrived again!

There is something really humbling and energizing to see all this tiny, inert hard pebbles burst into beautiful green beings that have this will to live and grow. Soon the greenhouse will be pumping with life that will be the fuel to our own life and the particles in our bodies. It is in concept so simple. Working here really makes our concerns and worries about everyday life deflate like an old ballon.

Before planting, we give the beds a proper weeding and we aerate the soil using a long digging fork and a rake (while listening to a concert of Tom Mitch, whom Cris just discovered). After that we did something we wanted to do since a long time, we went to pick up the now composted materials from last summers compost showers (please find the link how we made the compost pile here). It was a beautiful thing, granulated forest soil smelling, full of lively red wriggler worms. We put loads of straw and wood chips inside this pile but now everyhting has broken down. The credit for this amazing compost goes to the PDC gang from May 2018 for making these piles that we now in a way going to feed the PDC gang from 2019. Thank you guys!

After working the compost into the beds and readjusting the drip irrigation hose, we are ready for yet another season of tasty salads, stews, soups, stir fries, grilled veggies and whatnot.


25 Jan 2019

Time to get dirty!